Preparation of B4C composites toughened by TiB2-SiC agglomerates

Research paper by Xiaorong Zhang, Zhixiao Zhang, Weimin Wang, Xiaoliang Zhang, Jingbo Mu, Guangsuo Wang, Zhengyi Fu

Indexed on: 05 Oct '16Published on: 06 Sep '16Published in: Journal of the European Ceramic Society


High-performance B4C composites toughened by TiB2-SiC agglomerates were fabricated via reactive hot pressing with B4C, TiC and Si as raw materials. The TiB2-SiC composite serves as a composite toughening phase formed in the B4C matrix through an in situ reaction; its agglomerates are composed of interlocked TiB2 and SiC, which can remarkably improve the toughness of the B4C composites. The Vickers hardness, flexural strength and fracture toughness of the B4C-TiB2-SiC composite reached 35.18 ± 0.45 GPa, 567 ± 14 MPa, and 6.38 ± 0.18 MPa m1/2 respectively. The special toughening structure of the TiB2-SiC composite introduced into B4C ceramics was evaluated for the first time in this study.

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