[Pregnancy-related cardiac problems].

Research paper by B M BM Richartz, C A CA Nienaber

Indexed on: 10 Jul '14Published on: 10 Jul '14Published in: Herz


All women of child-bearing age suffering from congenital cardiac valve malformations or acquired valvular disease, pulmonary hypertension or arterial hypertension and who are at risk for coronary heart disease should receive early counseling and optimal treatment before pregnancy. They should be treated by an interdisciplinary team composed of gynecologists, cardiologists, geneticists and, if necessary, cardiac surgeons. This interdisciplinary approach should be used for all pregnant women with cardiac disease in order to minimize maternal and fetal mortality. As physicians will only rarely be confronted with such critically ill patients, guidelines and access to worldwide information from databanks are particularly important (http://www.safetus.com und http://www.emryotox.de).