Pregnancy after kidney transplantation

Research paper by P. Hengst

Indexed on: 01 Jun '99Published on: 01 Jun '99Published in: Der Gynakologe


Question: What risks do different forms of immunosuppression (azathioprine, Cyclosporin, azathioprine/Cyclosporin plus steroids) represent in pregnancy for the mother and fetus after kidney transplantation? Retrospective analysis of 40 pregnancies and deliveries. Investigation of abortion –, premature birth rate, fetal retardation, malformation, hospitalization, modus of labour, birth weight, gestational age, perinatal mortality, hypertonia, preeclampsia, anemia, kidney function, rejection crisis, mechanical compression, kidney function after 1 and 5 years postpartum. Recommendation guideline: preconceptional time (contraception) and intensive care in pregnancy. The risk of pregnancy is justified if the presuppositions are correct and the woman would urgently like to have a child.