Prediction of a fracture system from an excavated ditch in the central Caledonides, Sweden

Research paper by K. -J. Loorents, J. Stigh, L. Björklund

Indexed on: 01 Feb '00Published on: 01 Feb '00Published in: Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment


 Prospecting for the dimension stone Offerdalsskiffer in the Finnsäter area, Offerdal Nappe, Swedish Caledonides, is mainly undertaken where no bedrock is exposed in order to assess the likely quality of the rock and the effective recovery ratio. A knowledge of the local fracture system is therefore required. The paper discusses a case study undertaken in the Finnsäter area of Sweden where ditch mapping was carried out to predict the fracture system. A comparsion was made of a fracture map extrapolated from the ditch mapping data and that prepared from a larger cleared bedrock surface in order to assess its potential for quarry viability.