Predicting golf ball trajectories from swing plane: An artificial neural networks approach

Imported: 21 Jul '16 | Published: 14 Jul '16

Boris Bačić

Expert Systems with Applications

Abstract: Quantifying and validating descriptive heuristic rules that govern someone's skills and expertise have been known philosophical quest since the early Greek philosophers. Inherent to sport coaching is the qualitative assessment of complex human motion patterns, relying on subjective and ‘hard-to-quantify’ criteria that can be subject to experts/coaches disagreement. This paper presents an application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for the discovery of predictive power of swing plane heuristic rules influencing golf ball trajectories. A golf data set (531 samples from 14 golfers) utilised in the experiments, was captured via ubiquitous computing device embedded in the handle of a driver club. Out of multiple swing performance factors influencing the ball trajectory, the selected subset of features for subspace modelling was linked... Read More

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