Precision differential-gated radiopolarimeters of microwave and extremely high frequency bands: Practical implementations and prospects for application

Research paper by A. V. Khokhlov, A. V. Brovko

Indexed on: 01 May '00Published on: 01 May '00Published in: Instruments and Experimental Techniques


The basic modules of a two-channel precision radiopolarimeter (DGRP) of fully polarized waves with automatic compensation of systematic errors, which allowed us to lower the relative error in the measured Stokes parameters to 0.2%, are described along with the basic units of a radiopolarization complex composed of a precision extremely high (EHF) band (frequency 35.2 GHz) DGRP and a microcomputer and designed for measuring the Stokes parameters of slightly polarized radiation with a relative error of ∼1%. The devices demonstrate high speed of polarization analysis and ensures simultaneous measurement of the Stokes parameters of fully or partially polarized radiation in microwave and EHF bands. Characteristics of the precision DGRP are considered and main factors limiting the accuracy of polarization measurements are analyzed.