Precipitation evolution during annealing of Mg-Li alloys

Research paper by Yan Tang, Weitao Jia, Xuan Liu, Qichi Le, Jianzhong Cui

Indexed on: 08 Mar '17Published on: 10 Feb '17Published in: Materials Science and Engineering: A


The microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of α phase and α+β phase and β phase Mg-Li wrought alloys after heat treatment were investigated. The results showed that, in extruded Mg-5Li-3Al-2Zn-0.2Y, no precipitation was observed in the range of 220–320 °C for 12 h. In the extruded Mg-8Li-3Al-2Zn-0.2Y and Mg-11Li-3Al-2Zn-0.2Y alloys, a precipitation behavior was occurred in β phase after heat treatment. However, in the extruded Mg-11Li-3Al-0.2Y and Mg-11Li-3Al-0.2Ce alloys, there existed a transformation between the precipitation and the solid solution in β phase. In addition, the mechanical properties of the alloys were influenced remarkably by the precipitation and solid solution.

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