Pre-metamorphic folded chromite deposits of stratiform type in the early Precambrian of West Greenland

Research paper by M. Ghisler

Indexed on: 01 Aug '70Published on: 01 Aug '70Published in: Mineralium Deposita


The low-grade chromite deposits at Fiskenaesset, West Greenland, occur in 0,5–20 m wide horizons in anorthosites which represent the main component of an original layered intrusion, the Fiskenaesset complex. An exposed length of 125 km of this has been mapped, forming conformable stratigraphic horizons in the early Precambrian gneiss basement. The pre-metamorphic chromite deposits have been affected by at least two major phases of folding and metamorphism, but magmatic features are still recognizable. Mineralogical data on the chromite are given together with the petrography of the chromitite. The primary magmatic and secondary metamorphic features of the Fiskenaesset deposits are described and discussed in relation with similar chromite deposits of stratiform type elsewhere in the world.

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