Practice of adult liver transplantation in Italy. Recommendations of the Italian Association for the Study of the Liver (A.I.S.F.).

Research paper by M M Angelico, B B Gridelli, M M Strazzabosco,

Indexed on: 17 May '05Published on: 17 May '05Published in: Digestive and Liver Disease


Liver transplantation is an efficient procedure as performed in Italy, yet major differences are present in terms of practice. In an effort to facilitate an homogeneous practice of liver transplantation in Italy, the Italian Association for the Study of Liver Disease has instituted a Commission aimed at providing recommendations on non-urgent liver transplantation in adults, based on current evidence. This nation-wide commission which included experienced hepatologists, surgeons and pathologists with major interest in liver transplantation has drafted a final document in October 2004, approved by the Italian Association for the Study of Liver Governing Board, whose key arguments and main conclusions are summarised in the present paper. The Commission has made specific recommendations on the following topics: the current needs of liver transplantation in Italy; the indications to liver transplantation and re-liver transplantation, with special reference to controversial issues and the minimal listing criteria; the use of marginal donors and the need to optimise donor/recipient matching; the use of living donor liver transplantation; the management of the waiting list and the introduction of Model for End-Stage Liver Disease to define priorities; the clinical management of liver transplantation recipients and disease recurrence; the implementation of audits and outcome monitoring; the training of transplant surgeons and hepatologists and the requirements for Centre accreditation; the pathology of liver transplantation.