Practical CTL* model checking: Should SPIN be extended?

Research paper by Willem Visser, Howard Barringer

Indexed on: 01 Mar '00Published on: 01 Mar '00Published in: International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer


We describe an efficient CTL* model checking algorithm based on alternating automata and games. A CTL* formula, expressing a correctness property, is first translated to a hesitant alternating automaton and then composed with a Kripke structure representing the model to be checked, after which this resulting automaton is then checked for nonemptiness. We introduce the nonemptiness game that checks the nonemptiness of a hesitant alternating automaton (HAA). In the same way that alternating automata generalise nondeterministic automata, we show that this game for checking the nonemptiness of HAA, generalises the nested depth-first algorithm used to check the nonemptiness of nondeterministic Büchi automata (used in Spin).