Power transmission and suppression characteristics of stiffened Mindlin plate under different boundary constraints

Research paper by Chunchuan Liu, Jiameng Zhang, Fengming Li

Indexed on: 25 Apr '19Published on: 20 Mar '19Published in: Archive of Applied Mechanics


The dynamic power transmission characteristics of a finite stiffened Mindlin plate subject to different boundary conditions are analytically studied. The stiffened plate is modeled as a coupled structure comprising a plate and stiffeners. Dynamic responses calculated by the analytical solutions are verified through comparison of the results with those generated using the finite element method. The computed results show that Mindlin plate and Timoshenko beam theory is more suitable for studying dynamic power of the stiffened plate over a broad frequency range than classical plate and beam theory. The stiffness and inertia characteristics of the Mindlin plate can be enhanced using the stiffeners, which can significantly affect the dynamic response, especially in low-frequency range. It can be also noticed that the stop band in the low-frequency range can become wider by increasing the number and dimension (height and width) of the stiffeners, so vibratory power of the stiffened Mindlin plate in the low-frequency range can be greatly reduced.