Potential of Metal-Catalyzed C-C Single Bond Cleavage for Organic Synthesis.

Research paper by Masahiro M Murakami, Naoki N Ishida

Indexed on: 12 Oct '16Published on: 12 Oct '16Published in: Journal of the American Chemical Society


Conventional organic synthesis has been mainly based upon the reactivities of π-bonds and polar σ-bonds. Carbon-carbon single bonds are nonpolar and generally far less reactive. Although they remain intact under most reaction conditions, it is possible to activate and cleave them if suitable organometallic compounds or metal catalysts are applied. Such C-C single bond cleavage reactions are attracting increasing attention in the context of synthetic chemistry because they provide a unique and more straightforward route from readily available substances to targets, while requiring significantly fewer steps. The present Perspective aims to exemplify the potential of metal-catalyzed C-C single bond cleavage for organic synthesis.