Potato virus A: purification and antiserum preparation

Research paper by D. Z. Maat, Z. Mierzwa

Indexed on: 01 Mar '75Published on: 01 Mar '75Published in: Potato Research


Potato virus A (PVA) was propagated inNicotiana tabacum cv. Samsun NN andNicotiana clevelandii. To purify the virus the method described by Huttinga (1973) for several members of the potato virus Y (PVY) group was used, followed by sucrose-gradient centrifugation in a zonal rotor. Antiserum was prepared with a titre of 4096 against the homologous isolate (PVA-Lichte Industrie) and of 1024 against heterologous isolates. The titre against normal plant material was 4. No positive reactions were obtained with 3 isolates of PVY or with potato virus X (PVX).