Positioning of protein-coding genes on the soybean chloroplast genome.

Research paper by G P GP Singh, D G DG Wallen, D T DT Pillay

Indexed on: 01 Mar '85Published on: 01 Mar '85Published in: Plant Molecular Biology


Seven major plastid protein encoding genes were positioned on the soybean chloroplast DNA by heterologous hybridization. These include the genes for the alpha, beta and epsilon subunits of the CF1 component of ATP synthase (atpA, atpB and atpE respectively), for subunit III of the CF0 component of ATP synthase (atpH), for the cytochrome f (cytF), for the '32 Kd' thylakoid protein (psbA), and for the large subunit of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase (rbcL), all of which map in the large single copy region. The atpB, atpE and rbcL genes are located in the region adjacent to one of the segments of the inverted repeat. The genetic organization of the soybean chloroplast DNA is compared to that of other plastid genomes.