Position variations of the polarization jet and injection boundary of energetic ions during substorms

Research paper by V. L. Khalipov, A. E. Stepanov, G. A. Kotova, E. D. Bondar’

Indexed on: 12 May '16Published on: 11 May '16Published in: Geomagnetism and Aeronomy


The comparison of selected cases of polarization jet observation at ground stations and measurements of energetic ions at the AMPTE/CCE satellite shows that these phenomena occur simultaneously and on the same L shells. Polarization jet observations at DMSP satellites make it possible to statistically determine the dependence of its equatorial boundary position on the AE-index value. It is also shown that, in the case of isolated magnetic disturbances, the position of the inner boundary of injection of energetic ions measured at the AMPTE/CCE satellite depends on the AE index. It was found that the dependences of both boundaries on the AE index match over a wide range of AE variations. This is evidence that the equatorial boundary polarization jet band and the inner boundary of the injection of energetic ions are physically interconnected and are formed on the same L shells during substorms.