Kenichi Kawaguchi, Tsuyoshi Takahashi, Naoya Okamoto, Masaru Sato


Position-controlled vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) growth of nanowires (NWs) is investigated using GaAs substrates with SiN-patterned masks and Au catalysts for the realization of axial GaAsSb/InAs heterostructures. Rod-like InAs NWs are obtained by the introduction of a small amount of HCl gas. The InAs NW diameter depends on the Au catalyst size and pitch of NWs, which can be explained by the VLS growth accompanied by lateral growth. A peculiar change in NW shapes for additive HCl gas is also revealed. Moreover, the formation of axial GaAsSb/InAs heterostructure NWs, by controlling the growth temperature of GaAsSb segments is demonstrated. These results indicate that this growth method is promising for the development of NWs suitable for vertical nano-scale devices with Sb-containing heterostructures.