Polystyrene-type Uniform Porous Microsphere Enables High Resolution and Low-Pressure Chromatography of Natural Products – A Case Study with Icariin Purification

Research paper by Sun Haihong, Li Xiunan, Ma Guanghui, Su Zhiguo

Indexed on: 08 Dec '04Published on: 08 Dec '04Published in: Chromatographia


An efficient low-pressure preparative chromatography for purification of icariin from crude extract has been developed by employing a novel uniform porous microsphere, named PST, as packing material. A comparison was made between the PST medium and a commercially available silica-based C18 medium on their column chromatographic performance. The PST column demonstrated a higher resolution and better selectivity than the C18 column. Crude extract of 20% icariin can be purified to 90.0% with the recovery of 99.9% and column loadability of 2.5 mg·mL−1 medium on the PST column under the optimized condition. After crystallization the purity of icariin can reach more than 98% with a total recovery of 93%. The product structure was determined by means of UV, IR, MS and NMR.