Polyolefin backbone substitution in binders for low temperature powder injection moulding feedstocks.

Research paper by Berenika B Hausnerova, Ivo I Kuritka, Davit D Bleyan

Indexed on: 04 Mar '14Published on: 04 Mar '14Published in: Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)


This paper reports the substitution of polyolefin backbone binder components with low melting temperature carnauba wax for powder injection moulding applications. The effect of various binder compositions of Al₂O₃ feedstock on thermal degradation parameters is investigated by thermogravimetric analysis. Within the experimental framework 29 original feedstock compositions were prepared and the superiority of carnauba wax over the polyethylene binder backbone was demonstrated in compositions containing polyethylene glycol as the initial opening agent and governing the proper mechanism of the degradation process. Moreover, the replacement of synthetic polymer by the natural wax contributes to an increase of environmental sustainability of modern industrial technologies.