Polymers, Vol. 12, Pages 370: Poly(ionic liquid)-Modified Metal Organic Framework for Carbon Dioxide Adsorption

Research paper by Yang, Yu, Peng, Sheng, Zhang

Indexed on: 11 Feb '20Published on: 07 Feb '20Published in: Polymers


The design and synthesis of solid sorbents for effective carbon dioxide adsorption are essential for practical applications regarding carbon emissions. Herein, we report the synthesis of composite materials consisting of amine-functionalized imidazolium-type poly(ionic liquid) (PIL) and metal organic frameworks (MOFs) through complexation of amino groups and metal ions. The carbon dioxide adsorption behavior of the synthesized composite materials was evaluated using the temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) technique. Benefiting from the large surface area of metal organic frameworks and high carbon dioxide diffusivity in ionic liquid moieties, the carbon dioxide adsorption capacity of the synthesized composite material reached 19.5 cm3·g−1, which is much higher than that of pristine metal organic frameworks (3.1 cm3·g−1) under carbon dioxide partial pressure of 0.2 bar at 25 °C. The results demonstrate that the combination of functionalized poly(ionic liquid) with metal organic frameworks can be a promising solid sorbent for carbon dioxide adsorption.