Polymeric prodrugs.

Research paper by K K Hoste, K K De Winne, E E Schacht

Indexed on: 26 May '04Published on: 26 May '04Published in: International Journal of Pharmaceutics


In 1975 Prof. H. Ringsdorf proposed a model for rational design of polymeric prodrugs [J. Polym. Sci. Symp. 51 (1975) 135]. The model has been the most important basis for research in the field, since it was the first model that took into account both the chemical and biological aspects needed for the design of polymeric prodrugs. This paper deals with the most important properties that were discovered by designing polymeric prodrugs: prolongation of action of the drug, controlled release of the drug, passive tumor accumulation by the EPR-effect and alteration of body distribution and cell uptake. Over the years, other objectives have been formulated and other properties of polymer-drug conjugates were discovered. One recent example, the immunoprotective ability of polymeric prodrugs, is described in more detail in this paper.