Polyhedral Deformations of Cone Manifolds

Research paper by A Aalam

Indexed on: 30 Aug '05Published on: 30 Aug '05Published in: Mathematics - Geometric Topology


Two single parameter families of polyhedra $P(\psi)$ are constructed in three dimensional spaces of constant curvature $C(\psi)$. Identification of the faces of the polyhedra via isometries results in cone manifolds $M(\psi)$ which are topologically $S^1\timesS^2$, $S^3$ or singular $S^2$. The singular set of $M(\psi)$ can have self intersections for some values of $\psi$ and can also be the Whitehead link or form other configurations. Curvature varies continuously with $\psi$. At $\psi=0$ spontaneous surgery occurs and the topological type of $M(\psi)$ changes. This phenomenon is described.