Pole-to-pole moisture conditions for the IGY

Research paper by Victor P. Starr, José P. Peixoto, Robert G. McKean

Indexed on: 01 Dec '69Published on: 01 Dec '69Published in: Pure and Applied Geophysics


A study of the mean atmospheric humidity conditions on a planetary scale during the IGY covering the calendar year 1958 is presented. The fields of mean precipitable water content and of the zonal and meridional transports of water vapor are analyzed for the entire globe. Zonally averaged values of the various quantities at several levels are presented in tabular form and compared whenever possible with previous results or indirectly are analyzed on the basis of information obtained from different sources. The structure of these fields is studied and the corresponding implications for the general circulations of the atmosphere are discussed. Finally the zonal water balance for all the globe is discussed and its implications analyzed.