Polarization structure of a solar flare region at 9.5 mm wavelength

Research paper by M. R. Kundu, T. P. McCullough

Indexed on: 01 Nov '72Published on: 01 Nov '72Published in: Solar Physics


Polarization structure of an active region that produced a minor flare around 1900 UT on September 28, 1971 was measured at 9.5 mm wavelength using the 85-ft telescope of the Naval Research Laboratory Maryland Point Observatory. The angular resolution of the telescope at this wavelength is 1.6′. The flare region underwent changes both in the degree of polarization as well as in its polarization structure before and after the start of the flare. These changes in the degree of polarization correspond to a decrease of longitudinal magnetic field of about 200 G at the chromospheric levels where the 9.5 mm radiation originates. Observations on the polarization structure of active regions for several days before and after September, 1971 are also presented.