Poecilia (Pamphorichthys) akroa, a new poeciliid species (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae) from the Rio Tocantins basin, Brazil.

Research paper by Carlos Augusto CA Figueiredo, Cristiano R CR Moreira

Indexed on: 14 Oct '18Published on: 14 Oct '18Published in: Zootaxa


A new species, Poecilia (Pamphorichthys) akroa, is described from the Rio Tocantins drainage, Brazil. The new species differs from the remaining species of the genus by the possession of 10 or 11 pectoral-fin rays, entire preopercular ramus and posterior portion of the supraorbital ramus of the cephalic sensory system enclosed in canals, a faint longitudinal band along the body, a single gonapophysis, a homogeneous reticulate color pattern on sides of body, urogenital region of females heavily pigmented, distalmost segments of the anterior branch (4a) of the fourth gonopodial ray fused into an elongated segment turned anteriorly, subdistal segments of anterior branch (5a) of fifth gonopodial ray simple, without anterior (ventral) projections, dorsal fin with pigmentation at its distal portion and with a basal black blotch, and chromatophores more concentrated on the posterior margin of the mid-ventral scale series of the caudal peduncle and ventrolateral margin of the adjacent scales forming a series of rhombi posterior to anal fin.