Planar Josephson Tunnel Junctions in an Asymmetric Magnetic Field

Research paper by R. Monaco

Indexed on: 01 Jun '10Published on: 01 Jun '10Published in: Physics - Superconductivity


We analyze the consequences resulting from the asymmetric boundary conditions imposed by a non-uniform external magnetic field at the extremities of a planar Josephson tunnel junction and predict a number of testable signatures. When the junction length $L$ is smaller than its Josephson penetration depth $\lambda_j$, static analytical calculations lead to a Fresnel-like magnetic diffraction pattern, rather than a Fraunhofer-like one typical of a uniform field. Numerical simulations allow to investigate intermediate length ($L\approx \lambda_j$) and long ($L>\lambda_j$) junctions. We consider both uniform and $\delta$-shaped bias distributions. We also speculate on the possibility of exploiting the unique static properties of this system for basic experiments and devices.