Pilot test of a single-session AIDS workshop for young Hispanic U.S. immigrants.

Research paper by Annette E AE Maxwell, Roshan R Bastani, Umme S US Warda

Indexed on: 18 Oct '05Published on: 18 Oct '05Published in: Journal of immigrant health


A multiple-session AIDS workshop poses a substantial burden on the provider and on the clients. Therefore, we developed and pilot-tested a single-session AIDS prevention workshop, using a before and after comparison in a one group design. Young Hispanic patients at an HIV testing clinic completed a baseline survey and were invited to attend a single-session 90-min AIDS prevention workshop. The goals of the workshop were to reinforce issues discussed in the individual HIV counseling session, and to encourage and practice condom carrying, negotiation and use. Forty-seven percent of the patients attended the workshop and evaluated it very positively. Sixty-eight percent of all patients completed a telephone interview 4 weeks later. The proportion of subjects who always carried condoms increased from 18% at baseline to 42% at 4-week follow-up (p < 0.0004). Stratified analyses showed that condom carrying increased significantly only in males and only in workshop attenders.