Phytoperiphyton of the Samarga River basin (Primorskii Krai)

Research paper by L. A. Medvedeva, A. A. Semenchenko

Indexed on: 18 Jun '14Published on: 18 Jun '14Published in: Inland Water Biology


In the periphyton of the Samarga River basin, 313 species of algae (337, including infraspecific taxa) from eight divisions have been found. The groups of algae from the river main flow, creeks, streams, and the mouth are described. Data on the density and biomass of periphyton algae are presented. A decrease in these parameters after a flood is shown. In algal flora composition, benthic oligohalobic species of algae, preferring a slightly alkaline environment, dominate. At the river mouth a significant amount of mesohalobic species has been observed. A sanitary and biological evaluation of water quality has shown that the mass development of xenoand oligosaprobic algae defines the excellent quality of the river water. All parts of the main flow correspond to the oligosaprobic purification zone, class II of water purity (saprobic index of 0.95–1.48). The good quality of the Samarga River water is ensured by the absence of pollution sources and the satisfactory condition of its catchment area forests.