Physicochemical parameters of crystallization of dunite from the Guli ultrabasic massif (Maimecha Kotui province)

Research paper by V. A. Simonov, Yu. R. Vasiliev, S. I. Stupakov, A. V. Kotlyarov, N. S. Karmanov

Indexed on: 13 Oct '15Published on: 13 Oct '15Published in: Doklady Earth Sciences


On the basis of analysis of molten inclusions in chrome-spinelide, physicochemical parameters of dunite crystallization were defined. Experimental, analytical studies directly indicate that dunite was formed from high-temperature melts close in petrochemical composition and high-temperature characteristics to meimechite magmas. Successive evolution of magmatic systems compositions in a course of intra-chamber crystallization of dunite was established: from picriteâ “meimechite (with olivine formation at 1590–1415°C and chrome-spinelide crystallization at 1405–1365°C) to picrate-basalt and basalt.