Physical properties and field-induced metamagnetic transitions in UAu 0.8 Sb 2 .

Research paper by Wen W Zhang, Chunyu C Guo, Donghua D Xie, Michael M Smidman, Bingfeng B Hu, Yuanhua Y Xia, Yi Y Liu, Shiyong S Tan, Wei W Feng, Xiegang X Zhu, Yun Y Zhang, Qunqing Q Hao, Lizhu L Luo, Huiqiu H Yuan, Xinchun X Lai

Indexed on: 20 May '18Published on: 20 May '18Published in: Scientific Reports


We have successfully synthesized single crystals of UAuSb using a flux method and present a comprehensive study of its physical properties by measuring the magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity and specific heat. Evidence for at least three magnetic phases is observed in the field-temperature phase diagram of UAuSb. In zero field, the system undergoes an antiferromagnetic transition at 71 K, and upon further cooling it passes through another antiferromagnetic phase with a ferromagnetic component, before reaching a ferromagnetic ground state. A complex magnetic field-temperature phase diagram is obtained for fields along the easy c-axis, where the antiferromagnetic order eventually becomes polarized upon applying a magnetic field.