Phthiraptera of Canada.

Research paper by Terry D TD Galloway

Indexed on: 05 Feb '19Published on: 05 Feb '19Published in: ZooKeys


There are approximately 463 species of parasitic lice recorded in Canada, in three suborders: Amblycera, six families; Ischnocera, two families; Anoplura, eight families. At least an additional 361 species may eventually be recorded based on presence of suitable hosts and proximity to known distributions. Approximately 41 species are introduced non-native species. Only about 54% of the expected chewing louse fauna has been recorded, and considerable collecting effort is needed, especially for lice infesting passerine birds, shorebirds, and seabirds. The sucking louse fauna is well known, with approximately 88% of the expected fauna recorded. Investigations into ecology of lice and the nature of relationships with their hosts are badly needed. Barcode Index Numbers are available for only 13 species of parasitic lice in Canada.