Photothermal investigation study of porous silicon layer doped lithium

Research paper by S. Ktifa, I. Haddadi, F. Saadallah, H. Ezzaouia, N. Yacoubi

Indexed on: 01 Dec '12Published on: 01 Dec '12Published in: Applied Physics A


This paper presents a series of experimental photothermal deflection technique (PTD) spectra of porous silicon layers doped with lithium on crystalline silicon backing (PS/Li) and their numerical analysis. The aim of this work is to investigate the influence of Li doping on the opto-thermal properties (optical absorption, band-gap energy, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity). Also, we correlate these results with other evaluation studies such as I–V measurements and atomic force microscope analysis performed on the material. We observe a red shift of the gap, which can be related to the reduction of crystallite size. Moreover, we notice a decrease of thermal properties with the same behavior as electrical conductivity.