Photoluminescence effect of Ru dye on alumina membranes with ordered pore arrays

Research paper by Y.L. Shi, J. Wang, H.L. Li

Indexed on: 01 Sep '02Published on: 01 Sep '02Published in: Applied Physics A


We have investigated the quenching luminescence and the luminescence mechanisms of self-assembled Ru(II)L2X2 (Ru(II)(4,4’-dicarboxyl-2,2’-bipyridyl)2(SCN)2) dye in porous anodic alumina. Porous anodic alumina can emit visible light due to numerous oxygen vacancies formed during anodic oxidation. Energy transfer from the porous anodic alumina to the dye molecules causes the quenching and red shift of the PL peak, which gives a fundamental understanding of the PL mechanism in porous anodic alumina.