Photoelectrical characteristics of ultra thin TiO2/diamond photodetector

Research paper by Zhangcheng Liu, Jin-Ping Ao, Fengnan Li, Wei Wang, Jingjing Wang, Jingwen Zhang, Hong-Xing Wang

Indexed on: 25 Oct '16Published on: 24 Oct '16Published in: Materials Letters


Characterization of UV photodetector on ultra thin TiO2/diamond has been carried out. TiO2 film has been deposited on single crystal diamond surface through radio frequency magnetron sputtering method, upon which interdigitated electrodes were patterned to form the photodetector. The photodetector showed an obvious response selectivity between UV and visible regions, and exhibited two response peaks at around 225 nm and 290 nm which stemmed from the response of diamond and TiO2, respectively, indicating a stretch of detection range of pure diamond or TiO2 photodetector. When TiO2 film became thinner, the transient response performance was improved.