Photoconductivity Response at Cyclotron-Resonance Harmonics in a Nondegenerate Two-Dimensional Electron Gas on Liquid Helium.

Research paper by R R Yamashiro, L V LV Abdurakhimov, A O AO Badrutdinov, Yu P YP Monarkha, D D Konstantinov

Indexed on: 02 Jan '16Published on: 02 Jan '16Published in: Physical review letters


We report the first observation of an oscillatory photoconductivity response at the cyclotron-resonance harmonics in a nondegenerate 2D electron system formed on the free surface of liquid helium. The dc conductivity oscillations are detected for electrons occupying the ground surface subband. Their period is governed by the ratio of the microwave frequency to the cyclotron frequency. Theoretical analysis of the photoresponse in a strongly interacting electron system indicates that the observation can be explained by an oscillatory correction to the electron distribution function that appears for a large inelastic relaxation time because of photon-assisted scattering.