Photochemical Preparation of Nanoparticles of Ag in Aqueous-Alcoholic Solutions and on the Surface of Mesoporous Silica

Research paper by G. V. Krylova, A. M. Eremenko, N. P. Smirnova, S. Eustis

Indexed on: 01 Mar '05Published on: 01 Mar '05Published in: Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry


Stable nanoparticle colloids of silver were obtained by irradiation of aqueous-alcoholic solutions of AgNO3 in the presence of mesoporous SiO2 powder and films modified with benzophenone (BP/SiO2). Colloidal solutions of Ludox silica were used to stabilize the photochemically produced nanoparticles of silver in solution. Formation of nanoparticles of Ag on the surface of mesoporous silica occurred on irradiation of SiO2 modified with silver ions (Ag+/SiO2) in the presence of benzophenone solution.