Phimosis as a presenting feature of diabetes.

Research paper by Stephen J SJ Bromage, Anne A Crump, Ian I Pearce

Indexed on: 17 Nov '07Published on: 17 Nov '07Published in: BJU International


To determine the prevalence of diabetes in men presenting with phimosis, and to establish the incidence of undiagnosed diabetes in men presenting with acquired or life-long phimosis.We prospectively collected data on 100 men (mean age 38.5 years, range 17-82) who presented to our department with phimosis during 2006. Urinary glucose levels and random serum glucose levels were analysed, and if abnormal, the patient had further diagnostic tests for diabetes.In all, 31 men presented with a life-long history of phimosis and 69 with a history of acquired phimosis. There was no history of diabetes and no abnormal serum glucose levels in those with life-long phimosis. Eighteen of 69 (26%) of those with acquired phimosis had a history of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes was newly diagnosed in four of 50 (8%) men presenting with acquired phimosis and no history of a glycaemic disorder. A further two (4%) were diagnosed with impaired fasting glycaemia and impaired glucose tolerance. Urine analysis was positive for glucose in all new diagnoses of glycaemic disorders, except in one man.Diabetes can be associated with acquired phimosis in almost a third of cases, and 12% of men presenting with acquired phimosis and no history of diabetes were diagnosed with a disorder of glycaemic control. Therefore it is important that serum glucose levels are analysed when assessing men with acquired phimosis.