Phase transitions in BHT Massive Gravity

Research paper by Mahdis Ghodrati, Ali Naseh

Indexed on: 17 Apr '16Published on: 17 Apr '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We present the Hawking-Page phase diagrams in Bergshoeff-Hohm-Townsend (BHT) gravity for the phase transition between $\text{AdS}_3$ and BTZ black hole, warped $\text{AdS}_3$ and warped BTZ black hole in grand canonical and in non-local/quadratic ensembles, Lifshitz black hole and the new hairy black hole solutions. As we expected for all of them except for the quadratic ensemble, the phase diagram is symmetric for the non-chiral theory of BHT. We also examine the laws of inner horizon mechanics for the warped $\text{AdS}_3$ black holes and proved that they are satisfied. Finally we briefly discuss the entanglement entropy of an interval in the warped $\text{CFT}_2$ which holographically is dual to the vacuum time-like warped $\text{AdS}_3$ or G$\ddot{\text{o}}$del geometry.