Phase Composition of Light-Weight Steels and Alloys Based on the Fe–Mn–Al–C System

Research paper by L. M. Kaputkina, A. G. Svyazhin, D. E. Kaputkin, V. E. Bazhenov, A. V. Bronz, I. V. Smarygina

Indexed on: 23 Jan '16Published on: 23 Jan '16Published in: Metallurgist


A Thermo-Calc program is used to calculate isothermal and polythermal sections of diagrams and phase composition for a series of alloys of the Fe–Mn–Al–Si–Mo–C–N system. Microstructure of these alloys is studied after quenching, hot and warm deformation, and ageing at 550°C. It is established that the phase equilibrium diagram of the Fe–Mn–Al–C system may be used for predicting alloy structure for this system after different forms of treatment. Alloys with a single-phase γ-region in the range 1000–1200°C and containing 20% or more Mn should contain more than 1.5% C with an Al content of 7.5% and more than 2% C with a 9% aluminum content.