Phase 3 randomised study of the proposed biosimilar adalimumab GP2017 in psoriasis - impact of multiple switches.

Research paper by A A Blauvelt, J-P JP Lacour, J F JF Fowler, J M JM Weinberg, D D Gospodinov, E E Schuck, J J Jauch-Lembach, A A Balfour, C L CL Leonardi

Indexed on: 20 Jun '18Published on: 20 Jun '18Published in: British Journal of Dermatology


The impact of multiple switches between GP2017 and reference adalimumab (ref-ADMB) was assessed following the demonstration of equivalent efficacy and similar safety and immunogenicity, in adult patients with active, clinically stable, moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. This 51-week double-blinded, phase 3 study randomly assigned patients to GP2017 (N=231) or ref-ADMB (N=234) 80 mg subcutaneously at Week 0, then 40 mg biweekly from Week 1. At Week 17, patients were re-randomised to switch (n=126) or continue (n=253) treatment. Primary endpoint: patients achieving Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI)75 at Week 16 (equivalence confirmed if the 95% confidence interval [CI] for the difference in PASI75 between treatments was ±18%). Key secondary endpoint: change from baseline to Week 16 in continuous PASI. Other endpoints: PASI over time, PASI 50/75/90/100, pharmacokinetics, safety, tolerability and immunogenicity for the switched and continued treatment groups. Equivalent efficacy between GP2017 and ref-ADMB was confirmed for the primary (66.8% and 65.0%, respectively; 95% CI, -7.46, 11.15) and key secondary (-60.7% and -61.5%, respectively; 95% CI, -3.15, 4.84) endpoints. PASI improved over time and was similar between treatment groups at Week 16, and the switched/continued groups from Weeks 17-51. There were no relevant safety or immunogenicity differences between GP2017 and ref-ADMB at Week 16, or the switched/continued groups from Weeks 17-51. No hypersensitivity to adalimumab was reported upon switching. Following the demonstration of GP2017 biosimilarity to ref-ADMB, switching up to four times between GP2017 and ref-ADMB had no detectable impact on efficacy, safety or immunogenicity. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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