Pharmacokinetic parameters for thallium (I)-ions in man

Research paper by A. Talas, D. P. Pretschner, H. H. Wellhöner

Indexed on: 01 May '83Published on: 01 May '83Published in: Archives of Toxicology


The pharmacokinetics of Tl+ were studied in 9 patients who underwent myocardial scintigraphy with201Tl+. The time course of the201Tl+ concentration fitted to an open two-compartment model. The following values were calculated:k12=0.164±0.025 min−1,k21=0.011 ± 0.004 min−1,k10=0.005±0.004 min−1,t1/2(κ1)=3.92±0.54 min, t1/2(λ2)= 3108±896 min,CL=0.08±0.03 l/min,V1=0.26±0.13 I/kg,Vz=4.36 ± 0.65 l/kg,Vss=4.23±0.67 l/kg. Using previously published dialysance values the influence of hemodialysis on Tl+ elimination was calculated. Hemodialysis in Tl+ intoxications should be moderately effective.