pH-induced "off-on-off" type molecular switch behaviors of zinc and free tetraimidazophthalocyanines.

Research paper by Sevinc Zehra SZ Topal, Emel E Onal, Ayşe Gül AG Gürek, Catherine C Hirel

Indexed on: 10 Jul '13Published on: 10 Jul '13Published in: Dalton Transactions


Herein, the design and synthesis of pH sensing fluorophores, zinc(II) tetraimidazophthalocyanine (Pc-1) and metal free tetraimidazophthalocyanine (Pc-2), which present "off-on-off" type molecular switches were described. Their pH sensing properties have been investigated in detail in dimethylsulfoxide in the pH range of 2.0-15.0. The respective three forms of the molecules: deprotonated, neutral and protonated, were characterized by absorption and emission spectra as well as apparent pKa values (Pc-1: pKa1 = 5.2 and pKa2 = 14.3, Pc-2: pKa1 = 4.9 and pKa2 = 13.8). The protonation/deprotonation stages of imidazole groups of Pc-1 and Pc-2 present fluorescence-based "off-on-off" type molecular switch properties.