PET Imaging of Mitochondrial Complex I with 18F-BCPP-EF in Brain of Parkinson's Disease Model Monkey.

Research paper by Hideo H Tsukada, Masakatsu M Kanazawa, Hiroyuki H Ohba, Shingo S Nishiyama, Norihiro N Harada, Takeharu T Kakiuchi

Indexed on: 26 Feb '16Published on: 26 Feb '16Published in: Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine


(18)F-BCPP-EF was applied to assess mitochondrial complex I (MC-I) activity in the brains of Parkinson's disease (PD) model monkeys prepared by MPTP and also presynaptic dopamine parameters.(11)C-β-CFT for the dopamine transporter (DAT), β-(11)C-L-DOPA, (18)F-FDOPA, or 6-(11)C-methyl-m-tyrosine ((11)C-6MemTyr) for dopamine synthesis, or (18)F-BCPP-EF for MC-1 was intravenously injected into normal and MPTP monkeys in order to analyze their uptakes in the striatum.Significant reductions in presynaptic dopamine parameters and MC-I activity were detected in the striatum of MPTP monkeys. Correlations were observed between MC-I activity and DAT as well as between MC-I activity and dopamine synthesis in the striatum. The order of detectability of impaired MC-I activity was (11)C-6MemTyr > β-(11)C-L-DOPA > (18)F-FDOPA.(18)F-BCPP-EF has potential as a PET probe for the quantitative imaging of MC-1 damage in the living brains of PD model monkeys using PET.