[Perioperative treatment with FOLFIRI plus aflibercept in a patient with RAS and BRAF wild-type, left-sided colon cancer, with early relapse following adjuvant oxaliplatin- based treatment due to potentially resectable liver metastases].

Research paper by Filippo F Pietrantonio

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 20 Dec '18Published in: Recenti progressi in medicina


This is a "best practice" case report of a non-uncommon clinical scenario, referring to an early liver relapse, judged as technically resectable, following adjuvant oxaliplatin-based treatment for left-sided, RAS and BRAF wild-type colon cancer. The choice of aflibercept vs cetuximab/panitumumab relies on the need to counteract an aggressive disease, without loosing the chance of radical surgery, nor loosing treatment options in the third-line setting. Treatment decisions are evidence-based on efficacy data of neoadjuvant anti-angiogenic treatment, as well as on the detrimental effect derived from the addition of cetuximab to perioperative chemotherapy.