Periodontal Condition and Treatment Needs of Some Pregnant Women in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Research paper by O I OI Opeodu, E B EB Dosumu, M O MO Arowojolu

Indexed on: 23 Jun '15Published on: 23 Jun '15Published in: Annals of medical and health sciences research


Periodontal diseases had been reported to be worse in the presence of hormonal imbalance as seen during pregnancy, which if that is the case, should resolve following childbirth when the hormonal level of the women should have reverted to normal.Periodontal health of 345 pregnant women was assessed once during pregnancy and at 14(th) week following their childbirth. The clinical variant of community periodontal index of treatment needs probe was used in the assessment.During pregnancy, 167/345 (48.4%) of the women had deep pockets, 178/345 (51.6%) had shallow pockets. After childbirth, 5/345 (1.5%) had healthy periodontium, 25/345 (7.2%) had calculus and 7/345 (2.0%) had deep pockets. All of the respondents required oral hygiene instructions (OHI) and prophylaxis and 167/345 (48.4%) required complex treatment during pregnancy. After childbirth, 340/345 (98.5%) of the women required OHI and prophylaxis. Despite the great need for dental treatment among the respondents, majority never sought any treatment as 308/345 (89.3%) of the respondents had never visited a dentist before the study.The fact that the deep pocket reduced drastically following childbirth shows that it was not a true pocket. The high unmet treatment needs among the respondents require a concerted effort from dentists and policy makers in order to enlighten the women, especially those of child bearing age concerning the need for preventive dental visitation.