Performance analysis of concurrent systems in algebra dtsiPBC

Research paper by I. V. Tarasyuk, H. Macià, V. Valero

Indexed on: 21 Sep '14Published on: 21 Sep '14Published in: Programming and Computer Software


Petri box calculus PBC is a well-known algebra of concurrent processes with a Petri net semantics. In the paper, an extension of PBC with discrete stochastic time and immediate multiactions, which is referred to as discrete time stochastic and immediate PBC (dtsiPBC), is considered. Performance analysis methods for concurrent and distributed systems with random time delays are investigated in the framework of the new stochastic process algebra. It is demonstrated that the performance evaluation is possible not only via the underlying semi-Markov chains of the dtsiPBC expressions but also with the use of the underlying discrete time Markov chains, and the latter analysis technique is more optimal.