Perfluoroalkylation of Square-Planar Transition Metal Complexes: A Strategy To Assemble Them into Solid State Materials with a π–π Stacked Lamellar Structure

Research paper by Mohammad O. BaniKhaled, John D. Becker, Miles Koppang, Haoran Sun

Indexed on: 22 Mar '16Published on: 08 Mar '16Published in: Crystal Growth & Design


Similarity in molecular topology and intermolecular interactions between perfluoroalkylated square-planar metal complexes and heteroaromatics is key to the formation of π−π stacked lamellar crystal packing motifs for perfluoroalkylated metal complexes. This result extends the steering power of perfluoroalkyl substituents into engineering crystalline materials with charge-neutral metal complexes.Formation of π–π stacked lamellar structure is important for high performance organic semiconductor materials. We previously demonstrated that perfluoroalkylation of aromatics and heteroaromatics was one of the strategies to design organic crystalline materials with π–π stacked lamellar structures while improving air stability as a result of the strong electron withdrawing ability of perfluoroalkyl substituents. Square-planar transition metal complexes with large π-conjugated ligands are also an important category of semiconductor materials. We have perfluoroalkylated square-planar transition metal complexes, leading to the formation of a π–π stacked lamellar crystal packing motif in the solid state. Here we report six crystal structures of Pd and Pt complexes with bis-perfluorobutylated catechol ligand as one of the two ligands that bonds to the metal centers. This structural design possesses similar molecular topology when compared to perfluoroalkylated aromatics and heteroaromatics we have reported previously, again, demonstrating the steering power of the perfluoroalkyl substituents in engineering organic and organometallic solid state materials.

Figure 10.1021/acs.cgd.5b01291.1.jpg
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