Perfect spin-fillter and spin-valve in carbon atomic chains

Research paper by M. G. Zeng, L. Shen, Y. Q. Cai, Z. D. Sha, Y. P. Feng

Indexed on: 31 Oct '09Published on: 31 Oct '09Published in: Physics - Materials Science


We report ab initio calculations of spin-dependent transport in single atomic carbon chains bridging two zigzag graphene nanoribbon electrodes. Our calculations show that carbon atomic chains coupled to graphene electrodes are perfect spin-filters with almost 100 % spin polarization. Moreover, carbon atomic chains can also show a very large bias-dependent magnetoresistance up to 1000000 % as perfect spin-valves. These two spin-related properties are independent on the length of carbon chains. Our report, the spin-filter and spin-valve are conserved in a single device simultaneously, opens a new way to the application of all-carbon composite spintronics.