Percutaneous implant retention of a nasal prosthesis.

Research paper by Andrew A Dawood, Nicholas N Kalavrezos, Mark M Barrett, Susan S Tanner

Indexed on: 06 Aug '16Published on: 06 Aug '16Published in: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry


This report describes an approach to the simultaneous retention of a nasal prosthesis and an intraoral prosthesis for a patient who had undergone a total rhinectomy with resection of the upper lip and premaxilla. At the time of the nasal resection, 2 dental implants were placed adjacent to the resection margins in the first premolar positions. These were used to anchor an intraoral, milled titanium bar and overdenture to replace the missing anterior teeth and provide support for the upper lip, which had been reconstructed with a vascularized radial forearm free-flap. The titanium bar also incorporated a connection for a tissue-penetrating percutaneous nasal extension, which pierced the radial forearm flap near the junction with the hard palate. Magnetic attachments screwed to the nasal extension retained a nasal prosthesis. The predictable and straightforward implementation of this novel concept with digital design and manufacture of the titanium components and guided placement of the nasal extension was made possible with software planning.