Penicillin acylase production by E. coli

Research paper by A. Gebauer, T. Scheper, K. Schügerl

Indexed on: 01 Jun '87Published on: 01 Jun '87Published in: Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering


Enzyme production with E. coli ATCC 11105, in a complex medium using phenylacetic acid as inducer is carried out in a stirred-tank reactor of 10 dm3 and an airlift tower-loop reactor of 60 dm3 with outer loop at a temperature of 27 °C. The optimum inducer concentration was 0.8 kg/m3, which was kept constant by fed-batch operation. The optimum of the relative dissolved O2-concentration with regard to saturation is below 10% in a stirred-tank reactor and at 35% in a tower-loop reactor. It was kept constant by parameter-adaptive control of the aeration rate. In a stirred-tank enzyme productivity is slightly higher than in a tower-loop reactor, and much higher than in a bubble column reactor.