Penalized contrast estimator for adaptive density deconvolution

Research paper by Fabienne Comte, Yves Rozenholc, Marie-Luce Taupin

Indexed on: 05 Jan '06Published on: 05 Jan '06Published in: Mathematics - Statistics


The authors consider the problem of estimating the density $g$ of independent and identically distributed variables $X\_i$, from a sample $Z\_1, ..., Z\_n$ where $Z\_i=X\_i+\sigma\epsilon\_i$, $i=1, ..., n$, $\epsilon$ is a noise independent of $X$, with $\sigma\epsilon$ having known distribution. They present a model selection procedure allowing to construct an adaptive estimator of $g$ and to find non-asymptotic bounds for its $\mathbb{L}\_2(\mathbb{R})$-risk. The estimator achieves the minimax rate of convergence, in most cases where lowers bounds are available. A simulation study gives an illustration of the good practical performances of the method.